In the early 1990s, Grace Cup began with one vision in mind; to distribute the highest quality of vegetables and fruits grown on compost in the most natural way possible. All Grace Cup products that proudly bear its logo world wide are essentially products of sophisticated compost based farming, followed by stringent quality controlled packaging and marketing.The priorities placed on these production factors ensures that Grace Cup’s customers are getting the best compost grown products available. All this is done with one thing in mind; for customers to choose a healthier alternative.

Our Mission

Grace Cup’s mission is to supply its products based on the concept of “Freshness from the Farm” to all its retailing partners

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The Grace Cup group is comprised of four entities

An organization operating in multiple countries through out the continent. The operation in each individual country is directly managed by Grace Cup through the establishment of the Grace Cup Group.

grace cup countries

With our affiliations with multiple countries, a strong management structures is needed in maintaining an organized procedure to provide a constant and stable supply of products between markets across countries throughout the year. We are currently affiliated with the likes of Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Our initial concerns were the usual constraints such as the farming area, environmental situation and the soils fertility. But with Grace Cup’s multiple farming facilities throughout the continent and its offices to manage them with an effective product management systems, we have made the entire organization centrally synchronized with each other.

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