How to Pick Fresh Vegetables at the Supermarkets

Fresh vegetables are an easy way to add healthy ingredients to your diet.

Vegetables, in general, are essential to a nutritious and balanced diet.

They contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep you strong and healthy.

But to get the most benefits out of your vegetables, it is important to pick the freshest ones.

What to Look for When Picking Fresh Vegetables

If you are not an expert in the produce section, it can be difficult to know which vegetables are the freshest.

Consequently, you may end up buying old or even spoiled produce.

So, to ensure that you are getting only fresh vegetables, here are the things you need to look for during your next grocery shopping.

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Check the colour

When it comes to determining whether a vegetable is fresh or not, the colour is one of the first things you should examine.

Fresh vegetables, for example, tomatoes, should have a bright, vibrant colour without any black spots or fungus.

If they appear dull and pale, it indicates they are no longer fresh and you should avoid buying them.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to look at the leaves as well.

They should be green, not wilted or browning around the edges, especially if you are buying leafy greens like lettuce or cabbage.

A rule of thumb is to avoid vegetables that show any signs of discoloration. It often means that the vegetables have passed their prime.

Smell the vegetables

The next important thing you want to check is the smell. Fresh vegetables should smell fresh.

If a vegetable smells like anything other than its natural states, such as having a strong stench or rotten odors, then this means that the vegetable has gone bad.

Some vegetables, like cabbage, have stronger odors than others, but fresh ones never smell awful.

Regardless, you should always avoid any vegetables that have bad smells coming from them because this indicates that they are old and no longer fresh.

So, during your next grocery trip, pick up any vegetable and sniff it.

If it has an unpleasant odor, it is most likely to be spoiled.

Feel the texture

When you are buying fresh produce, it is also important to feel the texture of the vegetable.

The general rule is that fresh vegetables should be firm, not mushy.

Fresh cucumbers, for example, should be firm to the touch.

So, when you buy a cucumber, check for soft spots.

If the cucumber has soft spots or bruised, avoid buying it as it is no longer fresh.

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