grace cup production flow chart

Production Flow

Grace Cup products undergo a systematically controlled production process involving Farming and followed by Harvesting & Packaging.

The end products are then transported directly to our retail partners through private transportation by Grace Cup.

The reason for this systematic process is to ensure that our product are produced with quality.

The Process

The production process firstly begins with farming. At Grace Cup, vegetables and plants are grown in biotic benches that are shielded and controlled from the outside environments in the most effective way possible.This has to be done in order to shield the plants growth from the unpredictable whether, infections and pests.

Secondly, our products are harvested. Most products can be harvested a few times if the part that is ready is harvested. The quality of vegetables are not enhanced after harvest, thus it is essential to accumulate crops at a fitting development stage. At this point, vegetables are at their peak for flavor and nourishment. This is not always when a vegetable is at its biggest stage.

Thirdly, the vegetables are then plucked, cleaned and hand filtered so only the best vegetables proceeds to the packaging process. The products are completely labeled, packed , boxed and are ready to be transported to our retail partners. Our products are delivered to our partners through refrigerated transportation to ensure that our products remains at its best possible level till it reaches the coolers of our retail partners, thus realizing our objective of ” Freshness From Farm “ directly to you.

Marketing Strategy

grace cup compost grown vegetables

In order to reap the benefits of our vast network and management quality, we adhere to Grace cup’s principle of “Direct Farming and Marketing”.

As described in our production flow, all production processes are directly done and managed by the Grace Cup Networks and this includes marketing and transporting the products to retailers.

This has ensured our products to be as fresh as possible as it moves along from our production line to the consumer market thus obeying our very principle of bringing “freshness from the farm” directly to you.

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